A update on my life.

Hello Lovelies
I was going to do a update on my life video but felt that not everyone would be too interested in it so I thought I would type up my update so if people wana read it they can!
So here it goes! 

I'm now back home in Essex for 3 months (my summer break from university) and I'm half way through moving my stuff from my university halls back home to my bedroom. If you have been following me on twitter/vine you would know that I've realised I'm a bit of a hoarder so I've been going through all my old clothes throwing them out and keeping anything good to sell at a car boot sale and of course to give away to a charity shop.
I haven't yet had a chance to really unpack anything so this is another reason why I'm doing this kind of blog post today as the products/items I want to review are still packed away in boxes... I have over 16 boxes full of stuff, so as soon as I unpack these things I will be blogging away about them!

In other news I've landed myself a job! in Fashion Retail, finally a job in fashion retail. I'm completely excited about it all but of course i'm nervous and worried that my anxiety will creep up on me, but i'm not letting that get the best of me! D:<
Also on the same day when I got the phone call saying I have the job about an hour before my cousin called me asking if I would like to be the Godmother to his little girl and of course I said yes! 
That day was a really good day not going to lie haha.

What I wore to my job interview & what I treated myself too after hehe
Has some of you may know it was my aim to get 5k subscribers over on my YouTube channel and I finally hit that goal back in May. So I'm now sat here thinking what I can do next, I've always wanted to start up a second YouTube channel just for vlogging has the Shaytards have inspired me so much, but I never felt I would be ready to take such a huge step... But I thought sod it! What have I got to lose? 
So soon I will be starting up my second YouTube channel just for vlogs... It's nuts I know! But I want to be open and honest with all my viewers so they can get to know me and my lifestyle a bit more, it also gives me the chance to get to know them better. It's a huge step, well for me it is but it's always been my dream to start a second channel just for vlogs so i'm full filling my dream - one of many.

Ah this is so crazy! I've been invited out to LA for BeautyCon and this is one of my biggest dreams ever! I'm so happy and honoured to be invited out to such an event. But sadly it looks like I won't be going as return plane tickets to LAX cost around £600, I don't have that kind of money sitting about. But I have done the lottery today for both the Euro Millions and the Thunderball haha, can you tell I really want to go? But yeah even if I magically find the money I would need find someone to travel with because I'm a huge baby, plus I've only been on a plane once! 
But I will keep you all updated on this haha.
Such a big dream and I'm so close to it but then again I'm so far :( haha

I think this is pretty much everything that's happened over the past couple of weeks.
I hope you are all well.

Much Love


  1. Congrats on the job :D I hope you get lots of lovely free clothes and a decent discount! Unlike me who gets a rather ill fitting uniform!

    Cannot wait for you to start vlogging! Such a good idea. (does that sounds a little stalker esque?)

    Hope the moves going smoothly :) It's a pain in the bottom isn't it!.



    1. Oh thank you so much! I believe I get a good discount as the clothing is classed as uniform hehe. I will hopefully start vlogging first week of July! Maybe even sooner... who knows? because I don't of yet haha. And yes moving is a pain! a huge one lol .xo

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