WTFUK & Charlotte Summers

Hello Lovelies
So once again if you have been following my twitter you would know that last week I did a spot of modelling for Charlotte Summers, She is a wonderful fashion photographer and stylist which I've been lucky enough to worked with in the past. She contacted me asking if I wanted to do another shoot with her and no questions asked I said yes! 
This time round she styled me in WTFUK clothing and I was my own makeup artist and hair dresser/stylist (as thats what I specialist in on my YouTube channel, kinder).
You can find all these tees on WTFUK website
WTFUK are a independent clothing label, every graphic/design on their t-shirts are hand drawn and also hand printed in their Manchester studio.
When modelling their t-shirts I did realise how comfy they where but also how great the quality of the prints are. I highly recommend their t-shirts and their completely worth checking out for sure!
Much Love


  1. Thank you for such a lovely write up, love the photos, you look amazing :)

    1. You're more then welcome! I completely adore independent companies/business and I love the fact that you don't run with trends :)
      And thank you for your kind words! .xo

  2. They did such a great job styling you and you're amazing at make-up and hair! You look gorgeous in all the pictures :)

    check me out on

    and my blog

    1. Just Charlotte Summers styled me, WTFUK just sent the t-shirts to be styled :D and thank you so much lovely .xo

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